In this day and age with access to the internet and resources we were previously unable to touch, the question of how to get rid of roaches without an exterminator is no longer a concern. Before, it was quite a feat to be able to get your hands on professional strength insecticides that would get the job done right. If If we wanted access to it, it was going to cost us the fees to hire a pro.

Now we can easily order the same good stuff that the pros use to quickly and efficiently control cockroaches and other pests. But if we can get the same stuff they can, how come they're still so many of them around (with prices higher than ever too)?

Wells there's always going to be a demand for their services. Not everyone wants to do it themselves.  Most important of all, we can get their products,  but we don't have their knowledge and expertise. Blindly using what they use won't do any good.

I can't tell you all their trade secrets because I'm not one myself. However I can pass on some tips I have learned over the years of research and having to deal with roaches. The secret is to know what to use, when to use it, and where to use it.

To know what to use, you'll need to identify the pest you are dealing with. Which species of cockroaches are you having a problem with?  Don't blindly guess here. Catch a live one or get a dead one and inspect it carefully and correctly identify it. You'll preferably want to use a dead one that hasn't been been hit with with a shoe or something.

Determining how bad your problem is is critical to knowing when to use what.  You don't want to use something that is ineffective or something that is completely overkill. Not to mention the money you will be wasting buying something you didn't need to. Check out pestsoff for more details on what to use.

Where to use it is really important. You'll have wasted a bunch of money and given the roaches more time to multiply if you used it in the wrong place.  Applying treatments on the wrong places renders the treatment almost completely useless. This is exactly what would happen if you go in to remedy the problem blindly.

Not knowing what you are truly dealing with is and failing due to ignorance is what sets us apart from the pros. Going in blindly gets us no results and wastes a lot of money. Known what your dealing with and how to use what, when, and where is the key to how to get rid of roaches without an exterminator.  Ignore this golden rule and suffer frustration and